5 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

5 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy


When your kitchen isn’t in order, the mess badgers you from your morning cup of tea to the handful of shredded cheese you sneak on the way to bed so it obviously affects every minute you are in the house.


1. Don’t let the dishes pile up – Deal with the dirty plates and utensils as soon as possible. Run your dishwasher after dinner and empty it before bed so you can start the day with a clean sink. For those who don’t have a dishwasher, let hand-washed dishes dry on a clean rack while you’re relaxing after dinner.


2. Trash bin should be kept within reach – If it’s not accessible, you wind up leaving stuff on the counter and it’s easy to forget. Get yourself a foot-operated trash can and you don’t have to fret over garbage odors. Just tuck a newspaper sprinkled with baking soda in the bottom to catch drips. You just have to change it regularly, of course.


3. Protect counters when preparing food – The fewer things that come in contact with your counter tops, the cleaner they will stay. So, if you’re chopping fruits and vegetables, use a chopping board. Roll out dough or pastry on top of the parchment paper. Prep raw meats on top of a rimmed baking sheet that you can pop it into the dishwasher.


4. Use fridge liners – Refrigerator drawers and shelves with lining make them easy to clean. Try clear liners on shelves and newspaper or paper towels in drawers. It’s also important to line the top of your fridge with a towel to collect dust.


5. Catch drips in your oven – Stick a baking sheet on a rack below drippy things like lasagnas, pizzas, or casseroles. Remove the sheet out after cooking, let it cool, and pop it into your dishwasher. Avoid using foil on the bottom of your oven because aside from the fact that it is a fire hazard, it will most likely void your appliance’s warranty. You don’t want that, for sure.



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